Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pledge if I am a first-year student?

Yes! Any student, including first semester students or second-semester seniors, can rush and pledge our organization. 

I'm already in another Greek organization and/or I am planning on pledging a different Greek organization in the future. Can I still pledge APO? 

Absolutely. Alpha Phi Omega is a non-Inter-Greek Council organization. Many of our members are also involved in other Greek life organizations.

I just transferred to Geneseo but I was a brother of APO at my last school. I'd like to become involved in the organization again. Who can I contact? 

Please contact our President at or our Vice President of Membership at We'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have about how our chapter works and what the process would be to transfer your membership!

Is APO Greek?

We are considered Non-Greek Greek Life, specifically a Professional Fraternal Organization. Nationally, we are not Greek, but at Geneseo, we fall under the authority of the Office of Fraternal Life.

I live off-campus is that a problem?

No, you can still pledge! Most of our juniors and seniors actually live off-campus! 

Does the organization have a house? 

No, as per our National Bylaws, we do not have a house. 

I'm in another organization and I want to plan a project with APO, who do I contact?  

Please contact our Vice President of Service at

Any additional questions can be directed to