Arboretum Mission

The Spencer J. Roemer Arboretum's mission is to encourage both the students of SUNY Geneseo and the Geneseo community to understand, enjoy, and preserve the natural world. This mission is accomplished through a blending of educational programs and student-oriented research, and through exemplary, ecologically-based management and conservation. The Arboretum provides opportunities to bring together members of both the SUNY Geneseo and Village of Geneseo communities to interactively experience the benefits provided by this centrally-located, natural heritage.

Teaching and Community Education

To provide an outdoor laboratory for use by faculty and students in biology as well as other college departments, and the community of Geneseo. The Arboretum also seeks to provide outreach to the neighboring community with information about the natural world, Arboretum events, and publications of research activities.


To support research in a broad range of subjects including ecology, field biology, conservation, and natural history. Arboretum research combines both short-term and long-term observational studies and experiments.


To conduct wise conservation and management practices, as we protect and enhance the biological diversity of this unique natural area.


To maintain, develop, and interpret well-documented plant collections for teaching, research, public education, and enjoyment.


To provide a place where people from the college and the Geneseo community may enjoy passive recreation and where they may come to learn, reflect, and renew themselves through contact with the natural world. The arboretum enhances the quality of life, both for the College and the citizens of the Geneseo region.