Roemer Arboretum: Research and Education

Current and past student research projects utilizing the arboretum include:

  • studies of plant dynamics
  • phenological patterns in native and invasive shrubs
  • the behavior and population biology of kidnapping ants and their hosts
  • the impact of anthropogenic noise on the vocalizations of resident birds and insects
  • the ecology and behavior of ant-mimicking spiders
  • the diversity and distribution of native bees.

More than 70 student research projects have involved work in the Spencer J. Roemer Arboretum. You can view a listing of these GREAT Day projects online.

The Roemer Arboretum is also used for class instruction and field laboratory activities through the biology department.

Use of the arboretum: Research and course-related projects to be conducted in the arboretum require prior approval. If you are interested in carrying out a research project in the arboretum or in using the arboretum for a course-related activity, please download and complete the arboretum research form and email it to for review.