Asian / Asian American Studies

With a broad definition of Asia extending from the Pacific Rim to the Arabian Sea, this minor gives students an opportunity to study Asia as an integral part of human civilization.

By including a broad range of disciplines (anthropology, art history, business, geography, history, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Asian American literature and film, performing arts, philosophy, political science, and sociology), this minor is especially designed to serve students who are interested in learning about the diversity of Asian cultures, religions, languages, and socio-political contexts, and how they coexist and intermingle - both within Asia and between Asia and the West.

As the world has become increasingly interdependent and multicultural, this minor trains students to meet the challenges they are going to face as qualified and humane citizens of the twenty-first century.


For the most accurate information, please view the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Total Required: 21 credits

  • Four courses must be above the 100-level.
  • Two Asian language courses (through the 102 level = 8 credits) can be counted toward meeting the requirement.
  • The selected courses should be from at least three different departments (e.g., Global Languages and Cultures, History, and Political Science and International Relations).

Student Resources


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