Financing Your Education

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships are financial aid consisting of outright awards usually requiring no service to the institution in return.  Awarded on a competitive basis, grants vary in terms of monetary amount and length of funding. Explore institutional, private and governmental fellowship opportunities.  Do not limit your application to one type of grant because it may take several combined awards to fund your entire graduate education.

Particularly, with regards to Scholarships be sure to inquire about special offerings at your institutions of choice.

Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Proposal Development

Below is information that provides access to the spring 2020 GRFP proposal development webinar series.

Graduate Assistantship

These individual department awards usually carry partial tuition remuneration or stipend- apply once you are accepted The commitment normally involves a 10-20 hour per week workload dealing with teaching, tutoring, proctoring exams, developing lesson plans, and/or performing a variety of research activities Check for postings on school job search databases and financial aid websites Competition for these awards is strong. Apply early and always submit a résumé with your inquiry. If possible, visit the department and arrange a personal interview. Be cognizant of deadlines.

Resident Assistantships

Some graduate programs offer financial assistance in the form of residence assignments involving room, board, and a tuition reimbursement by working as RA’s in undergraduate residence halls These opportunities may be the most beneficial because some schools will also include tuition remuneration Inquire about these opportunities at the institution’s residence life or student affairs office


Remember: most undergraduate loans can be deferred while you are a full-time graduate student.

Most institutions have loan programs for graduate students including private, state and federally sponsored Guaranteed Student Loan opportunities.   Explore GAPSFAS (Graduate and Professional School Financial Aid Service) 

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