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Dining Updates Spring 2022

Spring Menu Updates & Improvements

  • Letchworth Dining Complex reopened for the spring semester to include our on-campus convenience store, Market North. Students have daily access to a continental breakfast, retail snacks, and retail grab-and-go items downstairs at Market North. Upstairs features unlimited dinner starting from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily and unlimited continental breakfast, brunch, and dinner on the weekends. Letchworth menus include a variety of culinary classics and international cuisines—de-constructed for customization and flexibility.
  • RTS dinner service bus shuttles are available throughout the semester.
  • Additional retail locations including Jack's and 1871 Café reopened.
  • We extended hours in the fall. Full breakfasts are available at Mary Jemison and Red Jacket weekdays starting at 7:30 AM with a full brunch on weekends at Mary Jemison and Red Jacket. Late night is available at Red Jacket daily.
  • Smoothies and Deli (part of unlimited dining) offer a monthly promotion in addition to the customizable ingredients to build your own salad, wrap, sandwich, or smoothie. 
  • Mobile ordering expanded to include both Smoothies and Deli. We added a scheduling feature allowing you to choose a pickup time.
  • We reopened Jack's retail and grab-an-go location. This is located upstairs at RJ, and is open 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM weekdays. Our Asia-Pacific cuisine and sushi to go options are available here. These include Poke, Teriyaki, and Katsu rice bowls.
  • Student's requested more customizable options, so we feature a custom stir fry and noodle bowl daily at our gluten-friendly station, Lotus locate in Mary Jemison. We also added back customizable pasta sautées twice a week at our Pasta station. 
  • In our Dining Updates emails we share a feedback form, which is also posted in multiple locations. There is a QR code that links directly to the form. We've also shared this through social media, and have encouraged students to reach out through the form or directly through email
  • We are working hard to provide more special events and treats for the students, including special desserts made by our CSC teams, monthly specials that include larger events like our Warm-Up St. Patrick's Day event featuring live music from the Geneseo String Band.
  • We provide Halal chicken and beef options in every unit.