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Online Ordering FAQ

When will all the restaurants have Online Ordering?
Online Ordering is being rolled out slowly to select restaurant concepts to ensure flawless service delivery.  We want to make sure the system and processes are working correctly and are fine tuned before rolling out the new ordering system everywhere.  But don’t worry - we have plans to continue to expand online ordering throughout campus!  

How can I find out when a new restaurant or restaurant concept is being added to Online Ordering?
Like us on Facebook (cassunygeneseo) to stay up to date on which restaurants and restaurant concepts are going live.   

Why are the times that I can choose to pick up my online order limited?
The backend of our Online Ordering system uses a throttling mechanism that scales back the number of online order pickup times available when the demand in the restaurant is high, and makes more pickup times available when the demand is low.  This ensures that the restaurant has the ability to make your food fresh and in time for you to enjoy.

Can I order beverages and sides with my entree?
Beverages are only available from select locations; prepackaged retail items are not currently available through Online Ordering.  Our restaurants make it quick and easy to grab a drink and snack when picking up your online order though.  

Do I have to stand in line to pick up my Online Order?
Ordering your food online means you get to skip the line, and that your meal will be waiting for you, fresh and ready to go.  Each restaurant featuring Online Ordering will have a dedicated pickup space where you can grab your food and be on your way; simply look for the Online Ordering Pickup signs.  

Do I have to stand in line to show the cashier my Online Ordering receipt? 
After picking up your Online Order, you will need to present your receipt to the cashier; at this time you can pay for any sides or beverages that you have chosen.  Some restaurants will have “pass through” lines - look for the signage.