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Lab Safety

  1. Conduct
  2. Attire
    1. Eye Safety
    2. Glove Safety
  3. Special Health Concerns
  4. Reporting a Problem
  5. Emergency Evacuation
  6. Links to SUNY Geneseo Chemistry Safety Forms and Documents
  7. Report a Safety Issue
GHS Acid symbol
reportChemical Safety
  1. Background
    1. The Hazard Communication Symbol
    2. The Chemical Hygiene Standard
  2. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    1. The MSDS is now known as the SDS
    2. What's an SDS/MSDS?
    3. How to read an SDS or an MSDS
    4. Where to find an SDS/MSDS
  3. Hazard Labeling Systems
    1. The NFPA Hazard Identification System
    2. HMIS - the Hazardous Material Identification System
    3. The Differences Between NFPA and HMIS
    4. Where to Find Hazard Ratings
  4. Chemical Labels
  5. Safe Handling of Chemicals
    1. A Chemical Fume Hood
  6. Precautions
Stockroom Students at Work
  1. Introduction
  2. Glass Tubing
    1. Cutting Glass Tubing
    2. Inserting Glass Tubing
  3. Ground-Glass Joint Glassware
    1. A Little Background
    2. Care of Ground-Glass Surfaces
      1. Lubrication -- regular joints and stopcocks
      2. Storage
    3. Assembling Ground-Glass Joint Glassware
    4. Frozen Joints
  4. Washing and Cleaning Lab Glassware
  5. Handling Broken Glass
chemistry equipment
  1. Working Alone
  2. Why we do Chemical Risk Assessments