Geneseo's Peace Corps Scrapbook

More than 270 alumni have served in the Peace Corps since it was established in 1961. Faculty members have also been volunteers. We are proud of our tradition to service, and our milestone. In 2016, Peace Corps ranked Geneseo as number 14 in the nation among all medium-sized schools for active volunteers. We are honoring our Peace Corps volunteers with a scrapbook. Read their memories and share your stories with us.

Jessica Kroenert '15 with a child from her village in Senegal.
SUNY Geneseo Among Peace Corps’ 2018 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities

Geneseo is ranked No. 10 among medium- size schools on the Peace Corps’ 2018 Top Volunteer-Producing Colleges and Universities list. Currently, 23 Geneseo alumni are volunteering with the program worldwide.

Ray Rizzo '15 with teachers he works with in Nicaragua.
Peace Corps Voices: Ray Rizzo '15, Geneseo's Newest Volunteer

My name is Ray Rizzo and I am a Peace Corps volunteer. This is the first time I have actually said (or typed) that in English! I have the privilege of serving my two-year Peace Corps service in San Sebastián de Yalí, Jinotega, Nicaragua, a town of approximately 27,000 people who reside in rural communities.

Bethany at the rice fields.
Peace Corps Voices: Bethany Stewart ’03, Becoming Part of the Family in The Gambia

One perspective I gained is to know that it's ok when things don't work out as you planned. You simply use that experience and learn from it. And, perhaps the outcome is actually something better or more effective than what you originally planned.

Danielle Ellingston '97 in a village in Ghana
Peace Corps Voices: Danielle Ellingston '97, Lessons from Ghana

I learned so much that it's hard to say what the one most valuable lesson was.

Jessica Kroenert '15 in Senegal with her village.
Peace Corps Voices: Planting Seeds for Change in Senegal

When I introduce myself in Senegal, I tell people my name is Mata Dia, the name my host family gave me when I began my Peace Corps service as a Community Economic Development volunteer. In America, I’m better known as Jessica Kroenert, adventure seeker, dog enthusiast, and Geneseo grad, class of 2015.

Jane Hogan
Peace Corps Voices: Emerita Jane Hogan, Continued to Help People Realize Their Dreams, At Geneseo

In the Peace Corps, I learned that I can live in another culture, figure out what the key features are, and be resourceful and work within that culture to be successful. These are the same core values and skills I have used throughout my life. You had to be able to make your own projects, and find your own satisfaction.