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The 107th annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association (ECA)

Baltimore, MD, March 30 through April 3, 2016.

The 6th annual James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond Undergraduate Scholars Conference (All full papers, blind-review competition).


Student Presenters

Anna Bertoldini

Limitations of Orientalism:  Explaining ISIS' Female Recruits

Jade Brown

Butch, Femme, or Bust:  The Queer Female Binary in American Film and TV

Chi Phuc Khanh Huynh

Out of Sight, Out of Communication? Private Disclosure in Proximal and Long-Distance Relationships

Anna Fong

Male Seeks Exotic Wife:  What Might Media Reveal About Racism and Sexism?

Leandra Griffith

Can Given Names Give Empowerment? The Effects of Non-Conventional Names on Women

*Received Top-Poster Award

Nicole A. Heney

Making Meaning of Distance:  Contradictions in Long-Distance Romantic Relationships

*Received a Top-Paper Award

Megan Meadows

What Will They Think?:  Disclosure of College Students With Family Members

Douglas Parks

Food Fantasies:  The Role of Food Narratives in Cultivating Speciesism

Allyson Pereyra

The Tangled Truth:  The Oppression of Black Female Beauty through the Misrepresentation of Black Hair in American Media

Joseph Potischman

A Label Good Enough to Eat:  Marketing Messages and Consumer Conceptions of Organic and Genetically Modified Brands

Alex Schuhart

An Analysis of the American Online News Media Portrayal of Conservatives, Conservatism, and the"Right-Wing" and Its Societal Impact in the Modern Day

Gina M. Suriano

Value Alignment in Collegiate Celebratory Inaugural Activities

Kala Wilkins

Media's Representation of Hair Color Attributing to Personality Traits Affects Female's Views of Themselves and Each Other

Katherine Zaslavsky

Kill or Be Killed:  Seeing the Middle East as a Threat to the Western World


The following paper was presented at the 107th annual conference of the Eastern Communication Association, Baltimore, MD, March/April 2016

(Faculty Competition)

Meredith Marko Harrigan, Bethany Martone, Tayler Quaranta and

Joseph Rabideau

'You're Both in It, Why Can't You Both Talk About it?':  An Exploration of the Communication-Related Face Threats Associated With Hook-Ups

The following paper has been accepted and presented at the 66th annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA),

Fukuoka, Japan June 8 through 14, 2016.

The paper was referred for a faculty competition.

Laura Elmayan and Atsushi Tajima

Privilege Acknowledged and Reinforced:  Manifestations of the Possible Self in Women's Health and Fitness Magazines