Communication Internships

About Internships 

Internships provide you with valuable hands-on experience in the communication field that complements your coursework, and expands career opportunities. Completing one or more internships while in college also makes you a highly desirable employment applicant. Both credit and non-credit internships help you to build an impressive resume.

Communication students hold a wide range of internships in numerous departments on campus, as well as in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations near campus, in and around Rochester and across New York. Internships happen during the academic year as well as in the summer in areas such as event planning, higher education administration, media production, television and radio broadcast, public relations and marketing, social media and human relations, as well as in other specific career areas such as physical therapy or law. Many opportunities (on campus, locally, regionally) are posted in Handshake, supported by Career Development. Numerous other students have also participated in the Disney College Program in recent years.

COMN 395 (Internship in Communication) is the standard course name used for internships for all qualified Communication majors. Some students have also used INTD 395 for a second or third internship. In order to qualify for internship credit at Geneseo, the following requirements must be met:

  • 2.75 overall GPA with a 3.0 in the major (email Dr. Herman if your GPA is below 2.75)
  • Junior or senior standing (some selected sophomores may also be eligible)

Ranging from a minimum of 3 credits to a maximum of 15 credits, these internships take place during Fall or Spring semesters, and over the Summer Session. (Fall and Spring internships are included in that semester's tuition. Summer internships require payment for each credit hour.)

For further information, check out Career Development's FAQ page regarding internships.

Steps in the Internship Process

  1. If needed, set up an appointment with Dr. Herman.
    1. You can review your resume and cover letter in preparation for applying to internships.
    2. You can discuss possible opportunities that align with your goals, both on campus and around Rochester.
    3. You can discuss possible networking connections that may lead to internship opportunities.
    4. You can discuss internship options Career Development has in Handshake, a list of internships and job posted by employers from around the State.
  2. Send Resume and Cover Letters to formally apply for your selected internship opportunities.
    1. Helpful information about writing resumes and cover letters is available from both Career Development and the online resource LiveCareer.
    2. Career Development also has a staff of trained peer mentors who can provide feedback and suggestions about your cover letter and resume.
    3. Further feedback is available from Dr. Herman.
  3. Interview for Internships.
    1. Interested organizations will respond to your application and call you for an interview to determine if you match their needs for an intern.
    2. Interviews are your time to investigate the organization as well and assess whether you feel this placement would meet your own needs.
    3. Interviewing for an internship is the same as a full-time employment interview, so you need to plan on presenting yourself in a highly professional way.
    4. Helpful information is available through both Career Development and LiveCareer.
  4. Fill out the Internship Learning Agreement.
    1. To receive credit for an internship you must complete an online Learning Agreement available in Gradleaders. Gradleaders can also be found on the Career Development homepage (see "Register An Internship" under Student/Alumni Quick Links at bottom of page).
    2. After submission, the learning agreement will go through an approval process involving Dr. Herman and your field supervisor (the person who will oversee your internship work).
    3. The Registrar's Office creates the class in Knightweb for you to get credit. If you need temporary credit, Knightweb allows you to register for TEMP credits to act as a placeholder for an anticipated internship. Only use TEMP if you are absolutely certain you will be getting an internship (and you only need to complete the Learning Agreement).
  5. Learning Objectives and Credit Hours on your Learning Agreement.
    1. You will need to identify 3-5 learning objectives for the internship (as well as a clear job description). These learning objectives should entail goals you have for the internship beyond the tasks and work you will complete for your field supervisor.
    2. Download the guidelines for creating learning objectives and develop your objectives prior to beginning the Learning Agreement form.
    3. Use the following scale to calculate how many credit hours you wish to register for. NOTE: you are not required to register for all the credit hours equivalent to the number of field hours you will complete. For example, in the summer, you could work six credit hours worth of time but only register for three credit hours worth of credit. The minimum hours of work required for semester credit are:
      • 1 credit = 37.5 minimum work hours
      • 2 credits = 75
      • 3 credits = 114 
      • 4 credits = 150
      • 6 credits = 225
      • 9 credits = 338
      • 12 credits = 450
      • 15 credits = 563
        (One credit equals 37.5 hours of field work)

Examples of Internship Placements

  • CBS News – New York, NY or Washington, D.C.
  • Clear Channel Radio – Rochester, NY
  • The David Letterman Show Audiences Unlimited – New York, NY
  • Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper – Rochester, NY
  • Disney College Program – Orlando, FL
  • Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. – Lake Buena Vista, FL
  • ESPN, both radio and television
  • Gates Chili Continuing Education – Rochester, NY
  • Genesee Sun – Geneseo, NY
  • Greenpeace USA – Washington, D.C.
  • Livingston County News – Geneseo, NY
  • Mary's Place Outreach – Rochester, NY
  • MTV Networks – New York, NY
  • Nickelodeon Networks – New York, NY
  • Office of Senator Gillibrand or Senator Schumer – Washington, D.C.
  • Rachel Ray Show – New York, NY
  • Rochester Amerks and Red Wings – Rochester, NY
  • Rochester TV Stations: WHEC, WROC, WOKR, FOX, R-News – Rochester, NY
  • Roberts Communications – Rochester, NY
  • Stephens Media Group: WARM 101.3, The Zone @ 94.1, Fickle 93.3 – Rochester, NY
  • SUNY Geneseo (various departments)
  • United Way – Geneseo, NY
  • Walt Disney World Resort – Lake Buena Vista, FL
  • YNN Rochester – Rochester, NY

Internship Opportunities

Additional Information

For additional internship information and opportunities, please visit the internship page on the student employment website.