In 2020, the Geneseo Crew Club marked its 30th anniversary. Because an in-person event was not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Crew Club members did not want this significant milestone to go unrecognized. They began to collect, scan and assemble a digital photo history of Geneseo’s Crew Club.

The Geneseo Crew Club is excited to announce a new website featuring the entirety of Crew Club photos, which are available and accessible to student and alumni members. During the collection process, the students discovered that there are several years are missing or years with very only a few photos available. The missing years include: 1990-94, 1996, 1998-99. It is our hope that alumni can help us fill in the gaps. Please feel free to scan and/or upload your photos to add to the collection. You can find instructions about how to upload your photos can be found on the site.


Special thanks to the following students for their tireless and steadfast efforts in putting this collection together:

Tyler Grasso ‘22

Maggie Keane ‘22

Jake Sikorski ‘22

Meg Clancy ‘23

Mimi Werner ‘23