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Regatta Results Archive

Spring 2017

Lake Lanier Training Scrimmage: Gainesville, GA: March 17th, 2017

Boat Place/Rank
Men's Varsity Eight  3rd out of 6
Men's Varsity Four 2nd out of 3

Lake Lanier Training Scrimmage Results

SUNY Invitational Regatta: Geneseo, NY: April 1st, 2017

Boat Place/Rank
Men's Varsity Eight 1st out of 5
Men's Varsity Four  1st out of 5
Men's Lightweight Four 2nd out of 4
Women's Varsity Eight  2nd out of 4
Women's Novice Eight 2nd out of 2
Women's Varsity Four 2nd out of 6

SUNY Invitational Regatta Results

Spring Metropolitan Regatta: New Rochelle, New York

Spring Metropolitan Regatta Results


Fall 2016

Head of the Trent Regatta: Peterborough, Ontario: October 1st, 2016

Boat Place/Rank
University Heavyweight Women's 8+ 8th out of 9:  19:35.54
University Heavyweight Men's 8+ 7th out of 10:  16:09.54

Head of the Trent Regatta Results

Head of the Genesee: Rochester, NY: October 8th/9th 2016

Boat Place/Rank
Men's Open 4+ A: 8th out of 19:  19:22.08
Women's Open 4+ A: 6th out of 10:  22:31.92
Men's Collegiate 8+ A&B A: 5th out of 18:  16:28.51
B: 14th out of 18:  18:05.82
Women's Collegiate 8+ A,B,C A: 11th out of 20:  19:12.18
C: 17th out of 20:  20:36.39
B: 19th out of 20:  20:44.47
Men's & Women's Novice 8+ Men's A: 6th out of 11:  19:27.54
Men's B: 10th out of 11:  22:04.57
Women's A 10th out of 11 :  25:12.24  

Head of the Genesee Results

Head of the Niagara Wright Regatta: Buffalo, NY: October 16th, 2016

Boat Place/Rank
Men's Collegiate 4+ A: 1st out of 4:  12:00.34
B: 2nd out of 4:  12:17.78
Women's Collegiate 4+  6th out of 7:  14:56.59
Men's Collegiate 8+ 1st out of 2:  11:14.99

Head of the Niagara Wright Regatta Results

Head of the Charles Regatta: Boston, Massachusetts

Boat Place/Rank
Men's Club 4+ 26th out of 49:  18:38.327
Women's Collegiate 4+ 33rd out of 35:  27:05.540
Women's Collegiate 8+ 25th out of 28:  21:09.202

Head of the Charles Regatta Results

Head of the Schuykill Regatta: Philadelphia, PA

Boat Place/Rank
Men's College Frosh/Novice Fours W/Cox  3rd out of 23
Women's College Frosh/Novice Fours W/Cox 12th out of 25
Men's Championship Fours W/Cox  16th out of 38
Women's Championship Fours W/Cox  28th out of 58
Men's College Frosh/Novice Eights  A:27th & B:29th out of 36
Women's College Frosh/Novice Eights  32nd out of 41
Men Club Championship Eights  30th out of 48
Women Club Championship Eights A:34th, B:43rd & C:50th out of 56
Men's Lightweight Championship Eights 3rd out of 3

Head of the Schuykill Regatta Results