Welcome to the Community Resource Network of Livingston County!

Community Resource Network of Livingston County (CRN) is an organization made up of over sixty human service
agencies in the county. The purpose is two-fold:

  • A Support Network for Agency/Program Staff
    • CRN provides an opportunity to meet with members in person at the quarterly meetings and to stay connected
      throughout the year via e-mail.
    • If a member agency has a fund raising or community event or an issue that another member or agency could
      help with, the member sends an email to the CRN member email distribution list.
  • A Source of Referral for Clients
    • If a member has a client that needs help in an area out of the member's own specialty, then additional
      help or direction can be sent via the e-mail network. For example, one member had a client whose
      house burned down. The client needed a place to stay, clothing, food, etc. An e-mail went out and
      many members were able to assist and also sent referrals of other agencies that could assist.

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