(Click Here for PDF of Member List)

Membership shall consist of:

  • Human service professionals providing services in Livingston County.
  • Representatives of county and town agencies and schools.
  • Representatives from community groups.
  • Individuals interested in the needs of families in Livingston County.

Membership is open to community agencies, organizations, or individuals.

The MEMBERSHIP role shall be established annually in January and run through December 31st. Any potential member should send contact information, including email address, name, job title, organization name, address, and phone number to Members will be accepted throughout the calendar year. Meetings are open to anyone interested in the goals of CRN, though membership dues are required for membership benefits. See "Why Join?"

No Annual Dues:

In celebrate the 20th anniversary of CRN, the membership voted to have no dues for 2013. We vote on this annually and currently have no membership dues.

  • Membership is required to receive and post on the CRN member e-mail list.
  • Non-members are welcome to attend our meetings.