Identity-based Courses in Geneseo's Curriculum

We encourage students to engage in meaningful conversations on race, racism, identity, and discrimination during their time at Geneseo. We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of courses that will prompt discussion on these topics so that students can continue the conversations that began in academic year 2019-20 and continue to underscore Geneseo's commitment to broad and inclusive education every year.

While not every course is offered every semester, we encourage students to consult each semester's Course Schedule for courses that approach identity through different disciplinary lenses will enhance their academic programs.  

Please write to suggest additions.

From the SUNY Geneseo Bulletin

AMST 201: U/Topic American Studies 
AMST 262/HIST 262: S/M/ American Indian Law & Public Policy
ANTH 100: S/M/ Intr Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 101: S/M/ Exploration of Human Diversity
ANTH 120: S/Language and Culture
ANTH 202: S/M/ Nutrition, Disease, and Health
ANTH 207: S/M/ Ancient Civilizations of North America
ANTH 208: M/Classics of Ethnography*
ANTH 215: S/M/ Ancient Civilizations of the Old World
ANTH 216: S/M/ Race, Racism, and the Black Experience in the Americas
ANTH 226: M/Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean
ANTH 229: S/M/Ethnography and Film*
ANTH 231: S/Language and Gender
ANTH 235: S/M/ Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica and the Andes
ANTH 302: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 313: Global Health Issues
ANTH 318: Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
ANTH 328: Language Socialization
ANTH 343: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Women's Health
ARTH 281: F/M/ Pre-Columbian and Latin American Art*
BIOL 235: M/Disease and the Developing World*
BLKS 200: Introduction to Black Studies
BLKS 220: Black Lives Matter: (subtitle)
BLKS 225: F/ Black Cinema
COMN 356: Advanced Issues in Critical Studies: (subtitles such as: Urban Development and Activism; Peace Communication; Black Rhetoric; Allyhood in Action)
DANC 211: F/M/Cultural Dance of Asian Peoples
ECED 355: Diversity and Inclusion in EC Classrooms
ENGL 335: Asian American Literature Survey*
ENGL 336: Native American Literature*
ENGL 337: African American Literature
ENGL 342: World Literature*
ENGL 344: Black Atlantic Writing*
ENGL 360: M/Post-Colonial Literature: (Subtitle)*
ENGL 427: Literary Representations of Disability*
ENGL 443: Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
GEOG 123: S/M/ The Developing World
GEOG 262: M/ Geography of Latin America
GEOG 263: M/Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GEOG 265: M/ The Geography of Islam
GEOG 266: M/ Geography of the Western Pacific Rim
HIST 163: S/U/ African American History to 1877
HIST 164: S/U/ African American History from 1877
HIST 261: M/U/ Native American History
HIST 262: S/M/ American Indian Law and Public Policy
HIST 263: S/U/ Civil War and Reconstruction: The United States 1848-1877
HIST 264: S/U/ United States Immigration History
HIST 266: S/U/ Civil Rights Movement in America
HIST 267: S/U/ Women and U.S. Social Movements
HIST 270: S/M/ History of Latin America to 1825
HIST 271: S/M/ History of Latin America since 1825
HIST 275: Global History of Sexual Science
HIST 281: M/ Traditional East Asian History to 1840
HIST 282: M/East Asian History since 1840
HIST 284: S/M/ Studies in LACAANA History: (subtitle)
HIST 291: M/The Islamic World: 600-1800
HIST 292: M/The Modern Islamic World: 1800 to the Present
HUMN 222: H/W/ Black Humanities
INTD 251: Leadership, Values, and Inclusion
MUSC 123: F/M/Music of the World’s Peoples
PASC 105: Performance As Social Change
PHIL 202: M/World Religions & Contemporary Issues
PHIL 214: M/Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 215: M/Eastern Philosophy
PLSC 202: M/World Religions & Contemporary Issues
PLSC 228: S/M/Developing World Politics
PLSC 240: M/Asia in the Global Setting
PSYC 385: M/Cross-Cultural Psychology*
SOCL 105: S/M/ Introduction to Global Social Change
SOCL 201 - Black Women in American Society
SOCL 230 - S/U/Race and Ethnicity
THEA 204: F/M/Asian Theatre Survey
THEA 205: F/M/History of Asian Costume
WGST 100: Intro to Women and Gender Studies
WGST 203: Language and Gender
WGST 310: Race, Class, and Gender
WGST 330: Feminist Theories
XLRN 150: Foundations in Social Identity
XLRN 250: Intergroup Dialogue
XLRN 350: Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator Training

* Courses have prerequisites