Pass-Fail Option, Effective Fall 2021

Passed by the College Senate Spring 2021.

SUMMARY NOTE: You can take elective and general education classes pass-fail, but you are limited to 4 "PF" graded courses on your entire Geneseo transcript (excluding Spring 2020).  USE THIS LINK to request to take a course in "Pass-Fail" grading mode.  REQUESTS FOR COURSES IN THE MAJOR, MINOR, or CONCENTRATION or REQUESTS THAT EXCEED 4 (excluding SP 2020) WILL BE DENIED.  DO NOT ASSUME YOUR REQUEST IS APPROVED UNTIL YOU SEE THE PF GRADE MODE ON KNIGHTWEB.

During the course of their undergraduate programs, students may elect a pass-fail option for no more than a total of four courses.*  

Courses taken Pass-Fail cannot be used to meet major, minor, or concentration requirements, including related requirements in the major.

Students may choose the pass-fail option from the first day of the fall or spring semester, intersession, or any summer term until the posted deadline listed on the Academic Calendar. Students elect the pass-fail grading mode (or revert to “normal” grading prior to the deadline) through the Knightweb registration system.  Students who elect the pass-fail option must do all of the regular work of the course, following syllabus requirements and consulting with faculty to determine their standing in their course if they need access to assignment grades and other assessments.  Grading mode may not be changed after the posted deadline.

To receive a grade of P, a minimum grade of C- must be earned in the course. D and E grades are translated as F’s.

A grade of “F” means “no credit,” but does not affect GPA.  A grade of “P” indicates earned credit, but also has no effect on GPA.   Final grades of P (pass) and F (no credit) do not earn quality points.  Students should note that they must carry 12 or more credits in courses earning quality points in order to be eligible for semester honors. “F” grades may impact full-time status, including earning sufficient credits each semester to meet financial aid requirements and to remain in “good” academic standing.

Students are advised to consult with their academic advisor and/or the Office of the Dean for Academic Planning and Advising to understand the potential impact of Pass-Fail grading mode on future plans, including graduate and professional school applications.

* Undergraduate courses selected for Pass-Fail in Spring 2020 will be excluded from the maximum of four elections.

Exceptions to Pass-Fail Policy

Transfer students, from both domestic & international post-secondary schools, may apply credits earned under a pass-fail or satisfactory-unsatisfactory grading method at prior institutions, so long as that is the course’s normal grading method. In this situation, the credits may apply toward a major, general education, and/or total credits, so long as the credits are earned prior to transferring to Geneseo.

Post-matriculation Geneseo students may use credits earned in pass-fail or satisfactory-unsatisfactory courses at international universities or in study abroad programs if the courses are only offered as pass-fail or satisfactory-unsatisfactory. In this situation, the credits may apply toward a major, general education, and/or total credits.

Post-matriculation Geneseo students may use credits earned as pass-fail or satisfactory-unsatisfactory in American post-secondary institutions if the course is only available with that grading mode and only towards elective or general education credits, not for a major, minor, concentration, or related requirements for the major.

Credits earned in pass-fail or satisfactory-unsatisfactory courses are subject to normal limits on activity or internship credits.