Resources for Education Students


Education students are assigned a faculty academic advisor for their major of study.   

Advisement Documents:


All education students use TaskStream for submitting their key assignments in Education courses all the way through student teaching. This is a requirement for all Education students. This link contains a PowerPoint presentation about TaskStream, how to sign-up, and how to upload materials.

There are benefits to students as well using TaskStream. You can create an e-portfolio of all your work to be used in future job interviews. 

Career Design Center

The Career Design Center has a great deal of resources and supports for teacher candidates (i.e. resume/cover letter resources, graduate school information, job search, etc.)  Visit the Career Design website to access the resources and to see the supports they offer.

Admission of Persons with Prior Felony Convictions Policy

All teacher education programs include a clinical/field component. If you have been convicted of a felony, your criminal history record may impede your ability to complete this program and/or become a NYS certified teacher. Please review the SUNY Geneseo policy.

Contact Information

Chelsea O'Brien
Coordinator of Advisement, Certification, and Communication
Phone: 585-245-5443