Ella Cline Shear School of Education


Revised Admissions Policy Effective Fall 2015


All undergraduate programs require the submission of an application form and meeting several academic standards to qualify for admission. We recommend that students admitted to Geneseo as freshmen apply for admission into the School of Education during their first semester at Geneseo. Students who add/change to education certification after starting at SUNY Geneseo should apply for admission to the School of Education during the same semester they change their major. Transfer students should apply for admission into the School of Education at the same time they apply to the college. Admission criteria are (you must meet all; the college will have this information on file):

a.            High School GPA of 3.0  OR HS rank in top 30% for students admitted as freshmen.

b.            College GPA of 3.0 for all students admitted after their freshman year

c.            ACT or SAT score (There is no minimum score required for admission; you just need a score.)

d.            Admissions Essay (Personal Narrative - see below)

e.            Applicants (all classifications) who do not satisfy the GPA requirements or Freshmen who do not rank in the top 30% of their HS class may apply for a waiver.

Applications are due December 1st or June 1st.  Admissions decisions for candidates applying for the December deadline will be sent by mail in late January/early February. Decisions for candidates applying for the June deadline will be sent by mail in late July/early August. Applications from transfer students and applications through a waiver will take additional time to process.

Please note the following changes from the previous policy- service learning is NO longer required. You CAN, and SHOULD apply during your first semester as a freshmen whenever possible. You do not need to complete INTD 105 prior to applying to the School of Education. A GPA of 3.0 is required for admission into the program. A 2.75 is required to continue in the program past block I.

Admissions Essay Personal Narrative


Instructions:  Submitting these narratives is required for admission to the School of Education.  Please keep your responses to no more than 2 pages.  Also, please see the admissions narratives rubric for evaluation criteria.

  1. Discuss why you want to be a teacher. 
  • Talk about the traits that you feel successful teachers should have.
  • Include an evaluation of your personal and professional strengths and concerns related to being a teacher.
  1. Think of a significant event where you were involved in a teaching or helping role with one or more persons.  The event you describe should be one that has personal meaning for you (something that interested you, something that made you wonder, something that made you feel good, something that didn’t work out as you had hoped, etc.).  In your narrative please address the bulleted points below:
  • Describe the situation as it occurred at the time.
  • What did you do in that particular situation?
  • How did you feel about what you did during the situation?
  • How do you feel about what you did now?
  • What would you change, if anything?

Click here for the School of Education Admissions Application

Click here for Admissions Essay Rubric