Marie-Lorraine Pipes

Adjunct Lecturer
Bailey 147

Marie-Lorraine Pipes has been at SUNY Geneseo since 2009.

Marie-Lorraine Pipes

Office Hours

Spring 2024
By appointment only.


  • ANTH 100: Intro to Cultural Anthropology

    This course has two broad aims. One is to introduce students to the field of cultural anthropology by paying close attention to what anthropologists do and how they do it. The other is to explore some of the ways in which people organize their lives and construct systems of meaning -- from kin relations and gender roles to economic systems and marriage patterns, religion and healing. In the process, we will be challenged to think about the value of cultural diversity in an increasingly interconnected world and to see ourselves from others' point of view.

  • ANTH 316: Human Ecology

    An examination of human ecology within an evolutionary, biocultural, and cross-species/cross-cultural framework. The course is divided as follows: (1) history, theories, and methods of ecological anthropology and human behavioral ecology; (2) human biocultural adaptations to the various global biomes via lectures, films, ethnographies, and discussion; (3) the adaptive significance of human behavior from a cross-species perspective, via assigned readings and discussion; (4) student presentations based upon individual research focused on relevant/related topics in human ecology; and (5) intertwined throughout is consideration of the sustainability of our past, present, and future activities.