Marie-Lorraine Pipes

Adjunct Lecturer
Bailey 107

Marie-Lorraine Pipes has been at SUNY Geneseo since 2009.

Marie-Lorraine Pipes

Office Hours

Spring 2023

Tues/Thur 3:30-4:30


  • ANTH 101: S/M/Exploratn-Human Diversity

    This course will introduce basic concepts and methods of anthropology. The four sub-disciplines of anthropology will contribute to an understanding of humans as biological and cultural beings. The focus of the course is to examine the diversity of human cultures, with a primary focus on the non-Western world.

  • ANTH 346: Top Archaeology:Zooarchaeology

    This course explores archaeological studies of major topical or theoretical importance. The variety of rotating or one-time topics in archaeology reflect topics of general interest or importance within the study of archaeology, and/or the interests and needs of students, and/or the research expertise of faculty members. May be taken twice under different subtitles. Prerequisites: ANTH 101, ANTH 110 or permission of the instructor. Not offered on a regular basis