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The Anthropology Major: Exploring Human Diversity

Anthropology is the holistic study of humankind, across space and time.

The discipline is divided into four fields: cultural anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and physical/biological anthropology, all of which are represented in the department offerings.

The emerging field of medical anthropology, a cross-over between cultural and physical, is also well represented in our major. Anthropology majors interested in medical anthropology may consider double majoring in Sociomedical Sciences, which is administered by the Department of Anthropology.

The SUNY Geneseo B.A. program in Anthropology provides a comprehensive education in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Anthropology. Courses, laboratory experiences, and learning experiences inside and outside the classroom setting serve the professional goals of students and faculty, training a new generation of anthropologists to have a positive impact on the world. Exciting study abroad and study away opportunities are also available within our department.

Anthropology Alum in the News

2015 Geneseo Anthro Alum, Peter Farruggia recently graduated from the University at Buffalo Schools of Public Health, Management, and Law, with his MPH, MBA, and JD degrees. As referenced in the this article in UB Now.

This past fall, he was selected as a Fellow with the US Government's Presidential Management Fellowship through the Executive Office of the President's Office of Personnel Management. Starting in July, Peter will begin his Federal Appointment at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), as a Health Policy and Legislative Analyst, working with the US Congress and other Federal Agencies on Federal Health Policy Implementation and Evaluation. At Geneseo, Peter was actively involved in the many various activities throughout both the Anthropology and Biology Departments including Lambda Alpha Honor Society, was a member of the SUNY Geneseo Chamber Singers and Festival Choir, and served as a Teaching Assistant for both Dr. Barb Welker and Dr. Kristi Krumrine. Peter has also continued to serve as a Research Assistant to Kristi since the beginning of her fieldwork in Coba, Mexico in 2015. Peter is so proud to be a Geneseo Grad, most importantly from the Anthro Department, and credits both Kristi and the late Dr. Rosemarie Chierici for their incredible mentorship and for encouraging him to embark on the path he is on today. This is Anthropology!

Anthropology students and faculty experiencing study abroad and study away.

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