Helpful Hints for Fellowship & Scholarship Applications

Good preparation is what it takes to get into a high quality graduate school or to be awarded a competitive fellowship or scholarship.

  • Attend informational meetings on fellowships and make an appointment with Fellowships Director Michael Mills (
  • Keep your GPA high and aim for a transcript that shows depth of expertise in a field
  • Get your work published or enter writing and essay contests
  • Work with faculty to develop opportunities to do substantial research or creative projects
  • Practice public speaking
  • Get involved in your community through volunteer opportunities on and off campus
  • Demonstrate a commitment to outside activities that serve a community purpose
  • Serve on college committees
  • Study foreign languages
  • Develop your vision: a focused understanding of your goals and a plan to reach them, a desire to make a difference, passion, and commitment to causes and activities
  • Keep a portfolio of all activities and awards
  • Develop relationships with professors who will write letters of recommendation, advise you on research topics, and discuss fellowships and graduate programs in your field
  • Seek out internships, asking both faculty in your field and in career resources
  • Develop interview and application skills through participation in workshops sponsored by the Fellowships Office, Career Design Center, and the GOLD program

The links below will assist you in your preparation.