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General Education Learning Outcomes

Principles and Goals of a Geneseo Undergraduate Education

  • Geneseo students should develop enduring habits of intellectual inquiry. They should experience the joys of discovery for its own sake and the self-development that comes from continuing intellectual curiosity.
  • They should develop a sense of intellectual complexity that reflects the complexity of the world. In order to flourish in such a world, students must master theories, methodologies, and content in various disciplines and demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.
  • As part of their discovery, they should acquire an understanding of the diversity and commonality of human cultures, both others and their own, along with knowledge of how these cultures developed. They should also acquire an understanding of the complexity and unity of the natural world.
  • They should recognize and appreciate the aesthetic dimension of the world, especially the arts, and understand how it enriches their lives.
  • Recognizing the responsibilities that knowledge entails, they should be prepared to participate ethically and intelligently as informed citizens of the communities in which they live and work.

SUNY Guidelines for the Approval of State University General Education Requirement Courses

Subject Area Learning Outcomes

Descriptions and Learning Outcomes for Each of the Areas of the Geneseo General Education and Breadth Requirements