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Frequently Asked Questions

What is General Education?

The General Education curriculum at SUNY Geneseo provides the broad knowledge and fundamental skills that are the necessary possession of an educated citizen and the proper foundation for specialized study in a particular discipline. In so doing, Geneseo's General Education curriculum advances the Mission of the College.

Who must complete General Education requirements?

All current candidates for the Bachelor's degree at Geneseo must complete the General Education curriculum in its entirety. Any student who is readmitted to Geneseo following withdrawal, resignation, or dismissal must complete all elements of the General Education curriculum in place at the time of readmission. 

Can I use one course to fulfill more than one portion of the General Education curriculum?

A few courses in the General Education curriculum may be counted toward more than one area. These courses appear in the Undergraduate Bulletin with double prefixes (S/M, S/U). For example, ARTH 180 is an F/ and M/ course.  

Can I use two courses with the same department prefix to fulfill the two-course curriculum in Natural Science, Social Science, or Fine Arts?

For most students, the answer is "No." Exceptions are made only for certain transfer students. More information is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Can performance courses be use to fulfill General Education requirements?

At least one course must approach the arts from a historical or theoretical perspective. (That is, both may not be studio or performance courses.) For one of the three-credit courses, students may substitute sustained participation (three semesters, totaling three credit hours) in one of the following performance courses: MUSC 160, MUSC 165, DANC 265, THEA 260.

If I take courses at another institution while matriculated at Geneseo, can I count them toward General Education?

In most cases, yes. However, before a taking a non-Geneseo class for transfer credit, please read special pre-approval instructions here. All transfers of credit are subject to Dean's Office approval.