Microcredential in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Department of Geography introduces the Integrative Curricular Microcredential ("micro") in geographic information systems (GIS). The first program of its kind at SUNY Geneseo, the micro in GIS teaches skills in emerging geospatial technologies useful to a myriad of disciplines and careers. Students completing this micro will learn how to collect, map, and analyze geospatial data via specialized GIS software. Upon completion of the micro, students will receive a digital badge making their achievement visible to potential employers or graduate schools, shareable via their LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts or websites.

Total credits required: 10 credits
GEOG 286: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4 credits)

One of the following courses (3 credits):
○ GEOG 385: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
○ GSCI 333: Geologic Applications of Remote Sensing Imagery

One of the following courses (3 credits):
○ GEOG 386: Applications in Geographic Information Science
○ GEOG 391: Cartography
○ GSCI 331: Geomorphology
○ GSCI 334: Planetary Geology

High impact experience & culminating experience: one of the following high impact/integrative experiences (must be pre-approved by the program coordinator), accompanied by a self-reflective paper that summarizes coursework and the culminating experience (paper will be evaluated by the microcredential coordinator; email the paper to Dr. Steve Tulowiecki at tulowiecki@geneseo.edu.):
○ Internship related to GIS
○ Formal paper or poster presentation at GREAT Day (or another approved academic or professional conference) of research that utilizes GIS
○ A high impact and/or applied project or paper related to GIS

Geography Major, Jimmy Feng, working in GIS with Dr. Stephen Tulowiecki

For further information, contact:
Stephen J. Tulowiecki
Bailey Hall 229
E-mail: tulowiecki@geneseo.edu
Phone: (585) 245-6358