Upcoming Events

GODA Knight

The annual celebration of GODA's activities will be in April, 2020! Keep an eye out for updates.

Publicity Photo shoot

Once we've finished a couple lessons, GODA will be arranging a photo shoot to showcase the work everyone has been putting into practicing. After we take the photos, you'll be able to see them on the GODA Instagram!

Relay for Life

Many years, members of GODA are guests at the annual Relay for Life event, featured for signing an interpretation of the national anthem. If you would like to participate in Relay for Life, either with GODA or with another organization, make sure to check your email in the spring semester.

ASL Knight

ASL Knight, a celebration of Deaf accomplishments and community, is one night every fall semester, in the MacVittie College Union Ballroom. If your organization is interested in performing, please email goda@geneseo.edu to let us know! If you are interested in attending the event, email goda@geneseo.edu so we can add you to our email reminder list!