Gestures: Organization for Deaf Awareness

Gestures: Organization for Deaf Awareness

Gestures: Organization for Deaf Awareness

"I don't know any sign language, but I'd like to learn. Can I join this club?" Yes! Absolutely!

Weekly Meetings: Wednesday, 7pm, Welles 115

GODA is SUNY Geneseo’s club devoted to educating students, faculty, and members of the community about Deaf culture and American Sign Language. During each meeting there is time dedicated to teaching American Sign Language at the beginner and intermediate levels as well as information and updates on club events and a weekly presentation on new and interesting things happening in the Deaf Community.

We're not just a sign language club: Gestures is a great environment to learn about the Deaf community and learn some ASL in a fun and relaxed way.  There are guest speakers and other fun events throughout the year including ASL Knight in the Fall and GODA Knight in the Spring. ASL Knight focuses on Deaf culture, especially in Rochester, and GODA Knight focuses mainly on our club members as the year comes to a close in the spring. 

If you are interested in learning ASL or learning about the Deaf community around Geneseo check out Gestures and make some awesome new friends!  All are welcome old and new.  No signing experience needed.

If you have any questions about how to get a GODA laptop sticker, or what we do during our meetings, or any other questions, feel free to send us an email at!

GODA Eboard, Spring 2020

  • Amanda Vick
  • Lucia Verrelli
  • Juniper Tremper
  • Allison North

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