College Senate Resolution in Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Approved by the College Senate Executive Committee on behalf of the College Senate on June 11, 2020

WHEREAS acts of racial violence, anti-Blackness, and institutional racism have a long history and are deeply embedded in our society; and

WHEREAS people of color, and Black people in particular, continue to be disproportionately harassed, abused, and killed by police in the contemporary United States; and

WHEREAS the senseless killing of George Floyd is just one example of a Black man killed at the hands of police; and

WHEREAS the recent killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, and Tony McDade are among countless tragic illustrations of the terrorization of Black and Brown people in the name of policing; and

WHEREAS this reality has been overlooked, ignored, and denied for generations; and

WHEREAS Black lives matter; and

WHEREAS nationwide protests have emerged to fight for racial justice and end police violence; and

WHEREAS these protests are occurring in the midst of a pandemic that is disproportionately killing people of color, for reasons that ultimately derive from that racist history; and

WHEREAS we recognize the toxic impact of systemic racism on our students, alumni, staff, faculty, and their families and communities; and

WHEREAS inclusivity and socially responsible global citizenry are central to the mission of SUNY Geneseo; and

WHEREAS institutions of higher education should be leaders in the practice of equity, community building, and civic engagement; and

WHEREAS the absence of an expression of solidarity with those protesting racial oppression communicates complicity with racial oppression; and

WHEREAS the SUNY Geneseo President has issued a statement of our College’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity as a core value and has called upon all members of our community to live that value by “identifying tangible ways in which we can advance our individual—and our collective—commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Examine and check our own privilege. Recognize and call out injustice where it exists. Commit to doing our part to enhance our campus climate and culture”; and

WHEREAS we recognize that the current policies and practices at SUNY Geneseo may play roles in upholding systemic racism.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo faculty and staff offer our unwavering commitment of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement; students, alumni, staff, and faculty of color; and continued efforts toward the erasure of racial inequity and oppression.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo reaffirms our belief that hatred, intolerance, and institutional racism have no place within the Geneseo community.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo actively seeks and includes input from Black and other people of color and commits to reforming our current practices and policies that may play roles in upholding systematic racism.  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo faculty and staff reflect on the ways our social status might have provided an advantage for us as individuals, and be compassionate to those disadvantaged. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo faculty and staff examine our individual spheres of influence and identify concrete ways we can improve our campus climate.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo faculty and staff speak up when we witness bias or injustice, and be allies to advocate for the equality, equity, dignity, and rights of those oppressed within our spheres of influence. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that SUNY Geneseo dedicate the 2020–2021 academic year to the curricular and co-curricular (e.g., dialogue or lecture series, panel discussions, teach-ins) exploration of topics related to racial (in)equity, (in)justice, and movements for social change.

Sponsored by:

SUNY Geneseo Students

Nick Cerasi, Tshering Sherpa, Jose Romero, Jade Chang, Nykole Nevol, Katie, Emma Flaherty, Lindsey Toole, Kate Huppé, Hannah, Al Tejera, Samantha Shepard, Grace Winfree, Jada Smith, Daniella Quiroz, Max Moritz, Natalie, Shae Antonicelli, Lia Wortsman, Jenn, Margaux Carmel, Madalyn Young, Elena Cheung, Grayson Dailey, Alea Tiberi, Ava, Sarah Fadlaoui, Sandra Kralik, Rachel Bowman, Holly, Josephine Wu, Claire Russell, Jess Rivera, Hannah, Wyatt Mathews, Annika Mounts, Holly, Justin D'Souza, Claire Rogers, Emily Cook, Ashlee Kuzemchak, Allison North, Elize Oliverio, Sydney Schmidt, Michelle David, Laura Benjamin, Kaitlyn Bertleff, Nicole Lallier, Abel Lopez, Cassidy Setzer, Tahrima Siha, Fleurian Filkins, Kelsey Roberts, Kaitlin Miron, Sean Nanos, Tessa Hensler, Lucas Brenner, Susanna Dolan, Megan Moran, Emily S, Jacqueline, Jahnia Cherenfant, Sandra Kralik, Kazon Robinson, Sarah Popp, Katie Martin, Liz Louie, Maggie Parfitt, Ciara Knott, Olivia

SUNY Geneseo Faculty, Staff, Administrators

Sara Burch, Kelly Keegan, Christopher C. Leary, Paul J Pacheco, Doug Baldwin, Pallavi Panda, Sedar Ngoma, Paul Schacht, Kelly Keegan, Matthew Pastizzo, Michael Restivo, Rob Feissner, Maria Helena Lima, Caroline Beltz-Hosek, Melanie A. Medeiros, Yvonne Seale, Jonathan Grunert, Aaron Steinhauer, Anjoo Sikka, Tina Merrilees, Peter Samuels, Raymond Boucher, Gerard Floriano, Amanda Lewis-Nang'ea, Mackenzie Gerringer, Jeanne Galbraith, Jennifer Katz, Lytton Smith, George Marcus, Andrew Hart, Rachel Hall, Betsy Hutchison, Jennifer Rogalsky, Alan Witt, Eric Helms, Justin Behrend, Jani Elizabeth Lewis, James Aimers, Ganie DeHart, Scott Giorgis, Thomas Osburn, Joanna Kirk, Melissa Sutherland, Liz Argentieri, Kurt Fletcher, Becky Leathersich, Jeffrey Peterson, Katherine Menec, Sam Fallon, Jennifer R Guzmán, David A. Granger, Karleen West, Monica Schneider, Andrew Herman, Jeff Mounts, David Robertson, Susan J. Salmon, Bill Lofquist, Gillian Paku, Lisa Smith, Michael Masci, Sharon M Peck, Karen Mooney, Jim Allen, Jeremy Grace, Weston Kennison, Sherry Larson-Rhodes, James G. McLean, Lee Pierce, Amy Sheldon, Annmarie Urso, David K Geiger, Dennis Showers, Walter Soffer, Nicholas Warner, Emilye Crosby, Joan Zook, Sarah Brookes, Kristy Barkan, Molly Costello, Sara Irizarry, Taylor Gale, Rachel Pasternak, Joe Dolce, Beverly Henke-Lofquist, Jennifer Haines, Chris Smith, Patsy Bueg, Sue Moore, Keith Walters, Christopher Rivera, Jennifer Gibson, Garth Freeman, Bill Meyers, Daniel Jacques, Mark Sullivan, Timothy Finnigan, Shawn Plummer, Sasha Eloi-Evans, Mark Howlett, Kathleen McIntyre, Ravi Lamontagne, Mary Cannon, Nicholas P Palumbo, Jeffrey Polino, Meg Reitz, Sarah Gaudio, Sam Cardamone, Chris Popovici, Heather Morens, Faeeza Masood, Sue Rubright, Travis Andrews, Dave Parfitt, Emma Wolford, Patty Hamilton-Rodgers '85, Laura Swanson, Victoria Phipps, Erica Allen, Emily Cole, Gabe Iturbides, Traci Phillips, Faeeza Masood, Debbie Hildebrand, Daniel Jacques, Bob Manchester, Alexis Clifton, Alyssa Polosky, Suzanne Miller, Rob Levy, Jon Heininger, Ilana Cahill, Courtney Havens, Celia Easton, Ellen Leverich, Meghan Tiede, Julie Meyer Rao, Amy Fisk, Stacey Robertson, Dave Herbert, Graham Drake, Michael Lynch, Bradley Taber-Thomas, Kristina M Hannam, Jennifer Apple, Liz McManus, Bill Harrison, Suann Yang, Ken, Allison Bechard, Travis Bailey, Sarah Covell, Beth Adams, Isaac Rodriguez, George Gagnier, Tiffany Brodner, Debbie, Paul Jackson, Laurie Fox, JoAnn Gardner, Nicole Manapol, robbie routenberg, Tom Matthews, Enrico Johnson

Endorsed by: Geneseo Student Association, SUNY Geneseo Chapter of United University Professions.

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