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Shared Governance

Shared Governance refers to the combined efforts of the College Council, Faculty Governance, the College Administration, and the Student Association to manage the affairs of the SUNY College at Geneseo.

The Geneseo College Council, similar to a board of trustees, is responsible for hiring the President of the College, for setting the Student Code of Conduct, and for ongoing general oversight of College operations.  The Council members are appointed by the New York State Governor.

The Faculty, led by an elected Presiding Officer, have primary responsibility for the academic operations of the College.  The Faculty governance structure is defined by the Constitution of the Faculty.

The College Administration, led by the President of the College, is responsible for all operations of the College, including all non-academic policies and procedures.  The President is also the Chair of the Faculty, with final authority for academic policies and programs.

The Student Association, Geneseo's student government, provides a channel for student input to shared governance of the College.  SA focuses on all aspects of undergraduate student life, including management of the mandatory student activity fee.

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