Quick Facts

Number of Fraternal Organizations: 30
Number of Sororities:      14Number of Fraternities:   12Number of Co-Ed:           4
          Local            8Local          8Professional     3
               NPC             4NIC            4Service    1         
                  NPHC           1  
NAPA           1


Social Fraternity/Sorority Population

(as of Spring 2016)

Total: 1375 (27%)

   Fraternity:  426 (21%)

         Average size: 36 (*average size national: 56, average size local: 27)

    Sorority:  902 (30%)

Average size: 64 (*average size national: 108, average size local: 58)

Service/Professional Fraternity/Sorority Population

Total:  361 (7%)


The 26 social fraternities and sororities are governed by the Inter Greek Council and its 10 member executive board. Each organization is also a member of a sub-council: Inter Fraternity Council, Inter Sorority Council, Panhellenic Council, or Multicultural Greek Council. Each sub-council has an elected president who serves on the Inter Greek Council executive board. The Inter Greek Council oversees the expansion of all new social fraternal organizations, adminstrates recruitment, and adjudicates violations of the Inter Greek Council constitution, sub-council bylaws, and College policy.


A majority of the social fraternal organizations maintain some form of off-campus housing. One sorority and three fraternities have alumni housing corporations which own and operate a physical plant. The remainder of the organizations rent houses through landlords and many of these are zoned as fraternity/sorority/dormatory buildings. The College does not own, operate, or inspect any off-campus fraternity/sorority residences.