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GROW STEM at Geneseo

Geneseo Reaching Out to Women and under-represented groups in STEM 

(June 2, 2020)

Dear Geneseo friends,

In support of our students and colleagues, the faculty involved in GROW STEM would like to express our deep concerns and sadness regarding the racist and violent events occurring across the country. We want our black students and their advocates to know that we see you and are here to support you. In line with our GROW STEM mission, we will strive to focus on raising awareness regarding difficulties that black and other under-represented students can face, focusing on their career in STEM fields. We believe that understanding the culture and psychology of what leads to any racist events is crucial. We will continue to learn about and educate our community on topics such as implicit bias, microaggressions, and addressing the lack of diversity in STEM. Education will have a direct impact on our broader community. GROW STEM, most importantly, seeks to work with our students to improve the situation.

We are here for you. Feel free to reach out to us. 


Anne Pellerin (PHYS), Josephine Reinhardt (BIOL)  and Melissa Sutherland (MATH),,


GROW STEM is a networking group on campus that aims at raising awareness regarding difficulties that women and under-represented groups can face in their career in STEM fields. The general goals of this group are to educate our students, faculty and staff on such issues, identify what the issues are, how to deal with them, and most importantly, how we can help improve the situation.  Every semester, conferences, panel discussions and activities are organized to explore different topics such as implicit biases, mentoring, and work-life balance.

Activities for Fall 2020

  • TBA


Grow STEM Student Club

President: Laura
Vice President: Sarah
Treasurer: Juniper
Secretary: Kallah
Social Media / Publicity: Nicole
Faculty Advisor: Anne Pellerin


Social Media


Previous Guest / Invited Speakers and Workshops

  • Title IX with Tamara Kenney, campus Title IX Coordinator (Spring 2020)
  • Tier-Mentoring (every semester)
  • Steven Villanueva (Fall 2018)
  • Prof. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich (Spring 2018)
  • Information on Title IX with Tamara Kenney (Spring 2018)
  • Status of Women and Minorities in STEM with Provost Robertson (Spring 2018)
  • Prof. Catherine Cerulli (Fall 2017)
  • Career Workshop with Rob DiCarlo (Fall 2017)
  • Workshop on Impostor Syndrom with Dr. Sutherland (Fall 2017)
  • Prof. Reginald Byron (Spring 2017) 
  • Workshop on Implicit Bias (Spring 2017)
  • Dr. Phillip Ortiz (Fall 2016)
  • Panel Discussion on Careers in STEM (Fall 2016)
  • Workshop on Networking in STEM with Dr. Amy Marschilok (Fall 2016)
  • President Denise Battles (Spring 2016)
  • Panel Discussion on Work-Life Balance (Spring 2016)
  • Workshop on the Elevator Speech (Spring 2016)
  • Steven Villanueva (MIT and Ohio State University) (Fall 2018): Dr. Villanueva just obtained his Ph.D. in Astronomy. He works on exoplanets and instrumentation in astronomy. He is also involved in increasing the participation of hispanic people in science.
  • Grants and Scholarships for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

GROW STEM Faculty Organizers

From left to right: Dr. Melissa Sutherland (MATH), Dr. Anne Pellerin (PHYS), and Dr. Amber Charlebois (CHEM). Not pictured: Josephine Reinhardt (BIOL) and Caroline Haddad (MATH).

GROW STEM Geneseo advisors