GROW STEM at Geneseo

Geneseo Reaching Out to Women and under-represented groups in STEM 

GROW STEM is a networking group on campus that aims at raising awareness regarding difficulties that women and under-represented groups can face in their career in STEM fields. The general goals of this group are to educate our students, faculty and staff on such issues, identify what the issues are, how to deal with them, and most importantly, how we can help improve the situation.  Every semester, conferences, panel discussions and activities are organized to explore different topics such as implicit biases, mentoring, and work-life balance.

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Activities for Fall 2018

- GROW STEM Mixer (Wed, Sept 12 @5:30pm in ISC115)

Let's kick off the academic year by getting together and welcome our 1st-year and new transfer students! GROW STEM will also be recruiting for its Tier-Mentoring program. All STEM majors are welcome.

- Invited Speaker Steven Villanueva (MIT), Nov 1-2

Dr. Villanueva obtained his Ph.D. in Astronomy at The Ohio State University. He works on exoplanets and instrumentation in astronomy at MIT as Pappalardo Fellow. He is also involved in increasing the participation of hispanic people in science.

Join us for our GROW STEM Speaker this 
Thursday, Nov. 1st @4pm in Newton 204.
"Understanding Giant Planets and Other Transients with the DEdicated MONitor of EXotransits and Transients (DEMONEXT) Telescope"

2018GROWSTEM_Speaker_Villanueva.pdf (189.8 KB)

- The Science of Biases (Wed, Oct 17 @5:30pm in Newton 204)

A "Journal Club" type of activity where we will read and analyze one (or two) refereed publication on the impact of gender/minority biases. A great occasion to learn about the topic and what scientific publications look like!

A number of hypotheses exist for why certain groups are under-represented in STEM fields.  This Wednesday we will be discussing current research about how unconscious gender and racial bias impacts students, faculty, and researchers in STEM and other  fields in academia.  After discussing the research, participants will have an opportunity to see if they too harbor implicit bias!  Bring your laptops and come ready to discuss your results!  

We will discuss the research from this paper but you don't need to read it ahead

- Grants and Scholarships for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM

This will be held during the week of Nov. 26-30. More detail to come.

Activities from previous years.

Your dedicated GROW STEM organizers

Dr. Melissa Sutherland (MATH), Dr. Anne Pellerin (PHYS), and Dr. Amber Charlebois (CHEM). Not on picture: our newly added memberJosephine Reinhardt (BIOL), as of 2018.