Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor offers students the opportunity to acquire a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of a vast, diverse, fascinating and crucially important region. A minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is essential to the SUNY Geneseo's mission to "develop socially responsible citizens with skills and values important to the pursuit of an enriched life and success in the world."

A minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies will also:

  • Develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the history, geography, society, politics, economics, cultures and contemporary issues facing Latin America.
  • Provide insight into the region's particularly complex relationship with the United States and the globalized world.
  • Foster awareness of the fastest growing minority in the United States (2020 Census).
  • Enhance the academic preparation of students majoring in social sciences, international relations, international business, foreign language education, and complement the studies of many disciplines.
  • Strengthen employment possibilities by adding expertise in Latin America to a student's credentials.

LACS minor