Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor Requirements Overview

Total Credits Required: 21-32 Credits

(2022-2023 Bulletin)

One Pre-Modern Course

Choose from 2 course options (see requirements page)

One Modern or Contemporary Course

Choose from 7 course options (see requirements page)

Four Growth Courses

Choose from over 20 course options in the following departments:

Art History
English (including Comparative Literature)
Global Languages and Cultures 
Political Science & International Relations

One Transformational Learning Course

Any Geneseo-approved study abroad course in Latin America or the Caribbean.
Any Geneseo-approved study away course on Latin America or the Caribbean.
A Geneseo-approved internship with an organization or company working on topics or issues related to Latin America and/or the Caribbean.
A coordinator-approved Directed Study on Latin America and/or the Caribbean.

Related Requirements

Students completing the minor will be required to demonstrate competency in a Latin American or Caribbean language (other than English) through the 102 level.