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L.I.V.E.S. Program SM Sample Course Descriptions

Freshman Seminar – This is a series of seminars required of all incoming freshman.   It introduces entering students to life on campus, and prepares them to work and study together in an environment that encourages exploration and respects diversity.

Seminars – This will be a series of seminars designed to tap into the students' interests and prepares them to work and study together in an environment that encourages exploration and respects diversity.

Career Exploration – Through a variety of activities and instruction on jobs and job related skills, students will explore their vocational preferences and aptitudes.   Students may sample a variety of campus-based employment activities, and conduct research into career opportunities in their communities and post-college.

Community Resources – Students will learn about services and supports in their communities. This activity based course will guide students in the process of identifying and accessing community resources.

Personal Finance – Students will learn the elements of personal finance, including developing and following a budget, banking, saving, and how to know when you can make purchases.

Health and Wellness – This course will focus on health and wellness. Students will explore what it means to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what it means to be healthy, and how to achieve wellness. The focus will be on nutrition, health maintenance, basic first aid, and fitness

Lifestyles – This course will focus on personal interests and resources that contribute to active and satisfying lifestyles.   Students will explore clubs and activities available to them on campus.

Technology – This is a hands-on course. Students will be introduced to various assistive technologies available to them.  Students may need to use assistive technology to communicate, access written materials, read, and conduct research.

Internships – Based on students' individual career interests, internships will be developed in which students will participate in hands-on volunteer work experiences around the campus and community.  

Program Components and Methods of Delivery

The L.I.V.E.S. Program SM components are delivered via coursework and through field-based experiences.

Program Component: Independent Living Skills
Coursework: Specialized Course Offerings
Field-Based Experience: On-campus, near campus community-based instruction

Program Component: Employment/Vocational Training
Coursework: Specialized Course Offerings
Field-Based Experience: On-campus job sampling and supported job experiences

Program Component: Functional Academics in Reading/Literacy and Math
Coursework: Specialized Course Offerings

Program Component: Socialization and Communication
Coursework: Specialized Course Offerings
Field-Based Experience: On-campus recreation, leisure experiences with peer mentor support

Program Component: Futures Planning/ Seminars
Coursework: Specialized Course Offerings and Professional Support

Program Component: SUNY-Geneseo Course Audit
Coursework: Inclusive course setting with potential peer mentorships and support