Concentration in Mathematics
for Elementary Mathematics

All majors in Elementary Education --Childhood and Early Childhood--must complete a concentration in a liberal arts discipline. Our concentration is a focused sequence of courses (30 credits) in which the elementary education major experiences the core areas of mathematics: calculus, algebra, geometry, and probability and statistics. The concentration prepares the future teacher for further specialization in mathematics education or for deeper study in mathematics.


MATH 140 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Education I
MATH 141 Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Education II
MATH 221 Calculus I
MATH 222 Calculus II
MATH 223 Calculus III
MATH 233 Linear Algebra I
MATH 239 Introduction to Mathematical Proof 
MATH 242 Elements of Probability and Statistics 
MATH 262 Applied Statistics
MATH 360 Probability and Statistics I
  NOTE: Math 223 is a prerequisite for Math 360.
MATH 335 Foundations of Geometry
INTD 376 Advanced Math Topics for Childhood and Early Childhood Education

Students are welcome to consult with advisors in the mathematics department for how to best plan their mathematics program.