Concentration in Mathematics

Concentration in Mathematics
for Elementary Mathematics

All majors in Elementary Education --Childhood and Early Childhood--must complete a concentration in a liberal arts discipline. Our concentration is a focused sequence of courses (30 credits) in which the elementary education major experiences the core areas of mathematics: calculus, algebra, geometry, and probability and statistics. The concentration prepares the future teacher for further specialization in mathematics education or for deeper study in mathematics.

MATH 140: Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Education I
MATH 141: Mathematical Concepts for Elementary Education II
MATH 221: Calculus I
MATH 222: Calculus II
MATH 223: Calculus III   OR   MATH 233: Linear Algebra I
MATH 239: Introduction to Mathematical Proof
MATH 335: Geometry
INTD 376: Advanced Math Topics for Childhood and Early Childhood Education
And choose one from the following four courses:
  • MATH 242: Elements of Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 262: Applied Statistics
  • MATH 341: Probability and Applied Statistics (prerequisite: MATH 223)
  • MATH 361: Statistics (prerequisites: MATH 223 & MATH 360)

Students are welcome to consult with advisors in the mathematics department for how to best plan their mathematics program.