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Minor in Mathematics

Mathematics is a key tool in our quantitative world, underpinning disciplines as diverse as economics and geology. The minor in mathematics --six courses--can be tailored to complement a variety of interests. We welcome students to talk to advisors in the mathematics department in order to select courses that best suit academic and career objectives.

MATH 221 Calculus I 4 credits
MATH 222 Calculus II 4 credits
Four additional courses must be chosen from:
MATH 223 Calculus III 4 credits
MATH 233 Linear Algebra I 3 credits
* MATH 237  Introduction to Discrete Mathematics* 3 credits
* MATH 239 Introduction to Mathematical Proof* 3 credits
* MATH 242 Elements of Probability and Statistics* 3 credits
* MATH 262 Applied Statistics* 3 credits
MATH 3** any 300 level, 3 credit course 3 credit

* Note: Only one course (237 OR 239) can count towards the Minor in Mathematics

* Note: Only one course (242 OR 262) can count towards the Minor in Mathematics