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Application Preview for GIRO Topic Submission

To fill out an application right now, visit GIRO Proposal Application.


A quick note: If your proposal is selected, you will be paired with a Teaching Assistant/ Peer Mentor (TA/PM). If you have a student in mind that you will like as your TA/PM, please have them apply for the position. Applications for TA/PM are currently open!


Part 1: General Information

  1. Project Title.
  2. Faculty Name & Department. 
  3. Discipline areas of proposed research (please list all relevant areas in order of prominence).
  4. Resources (i.e. labs, computer resources, extra personnel, etc.) needed for project. 
  5. Has the proposal been approved by the chair(s) with respect to resource utilization?

Part 2: Project Description 

  1. Describe the topic and problem (question, or focus) of the proposed research.
  2. Describe the project design.
  3. Describe the research methods to be learned and employed?
  4. What are the expected learning and research outcomes?
  5. Outline your strategy to enable student success, especially for students new to research.
  6. Please upload an anticipated syllabus/plan for your summer research experience.

Part 3: Teaching Philosophy 

  1. Describe your experience conducting undergraduate research.
  2. Outline your methodology in supporting student success, especially for students new to research.
  3. Indicate how students from different disciplines can contribute to the research project you are proposing.

Part 4: Resume/CV Upload 

  1. Upload your resume/CV