Geneseo Introductory Research Opportunity for McNair Scholars

For Students: The GIRO

McNair Scholars who are rising juniors will participate as a small group in a Geneseo Introductory Research Opportunities (GIRO) module. In each six-week summer module, students will engage in interdisciplinary research focused on real research questions, with results that are of significance to the field of study.

During the six-week GIRO, students will work in the laboratory field, or library as appropriate, for four to six hours each day; attend lectures, and group meetings; and participate in leadership development workshops. For example, the scholars will take a research related seminar that covers library and research skills. In this seminar, faculty will present information on the project background, investigative methods, interpretation of findings, scholarly ethics, and communication. Students will then rely on this common training in their research. They will discuss their results every few days with their group, help each other troubleshoot, and gain a sense of community and excitement for learning. The GIRO Summer Program dates May 20th through June 28th.

For Faculty: GIRO Proposal Information

Faculty members can submit proposals for GIRO modules that include details on the research topic, the methods to be learned and employed, project design, expected outcomes, and an assessment plan. Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the McNair Advisory Board. The projects will be selected based on the quality of the proposal; its suitability in terms of content and rigor; and the majors, interests, and skills of the cohort of students who will be participating. Each GIRO module will involve five to eight McNair participants. There will be two modules each summer to serve all rising juniors. Each scholar will complete a minimum of 140 hours of research per GIRO module.

GIRO proposals can be submitted through an online application. GIRO Proposal Application Form.