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Program Staff

Marcus Watts, McNair Program Director
Office: Blake C, Rm 206
Phone: (585) 245-6375

Daniel Islam, McNair Program Coordinator
Office: Blake C, Rm 205
Phone: (585) 245-6323

Beth Buckley, Administrative Assistant 
Office: Blake C, Rm 207
Phone: (585) 245-6320

Jenna Doolan, Graduate Assistant
Office: Blake B, Rm 203
Phone: (585) 245-6304

Please email with any questions!

McNair Advisory Board

  • Marcus Watts, McNair Program Director
  • Daniel Islam, McNair Program Coordinator
  • Jenna Doolan, Student Representative
  • McNair Alumni Representative
  • Dr. Barnabas Gikonyo, Lecturer and Director of Introductory Chemistry Labs
  • Dr. Scott Giorgis, Professor of Geology
  • Dr. Kristina Hannam, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Bryan Rivera, Educational Opportunity Program Counselor (EOP)
  • Political Science Representative Vacancy
  • Dr. Melanie Medeiros, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  • Dr. Christopher Leary, Professor of Mathematics
  • Dr. Ryan Jones, Associate Professor of History
  • Dr. Olaocha Nwabara, Assistant Professor of English
  • Dr. Charlie Freeman, Professor of Physics
  • Daniel Ross, Head of Access Services - Milne Library
  • Sociology Representative Vacancy
  • Dr. Claire Gravelin, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Dr. Stephen Tulowiecki, Assistant Professor of Geography
  • Dr. Brian Barnett Lecturer in Philosophy