Native American Studies Course Offerings

Fall 2023

ANTH 235  S/M/Ancient Civilizations of Mesomerica and the Andes

ENGL 114 Sustainability & Literature: Native Lands

HIST 261 M/U/Native American History

HIST 302-01 Research in History: Indian Boarding School

Intersession 2024

ANTH 322 Anthropology of the Borderlands (Study Away Program)

Spring 2024

ENGL 336 Native American Literature

HIST 262 American Indian Law and Public Policy (required course for the Native American Studies minor)

HIST 465 Iroquois History from Precontact to Present

Fall 2024

HIST 261 Native American History

HIST 302 Research in History: Indian Boarding Schools

ENGL 439 American Ways: Captivity Narratives