Program Requirements

Native American Studies Minor Requirements

Total hours required: 18 semester hours

Required course: HIST 262 American Indian Law and Public Policy (cross-listed as AMST 262) (4)

Electives: Chosen from among the following. Electives courses must be taken from at least 3 different disciplines.

(15 semester hours)

AMST 201  U/Topics in American Studies: American Indian Identities (or other NA subtitle) (4)

ANTH 207  S/M/Prehistoric Cultures of North America (3)

ANTH 209  M/Ethnography of the Iroquois (3)

ANTH 211  M/Ethnography of North American Indians (3)

ANTH 235  S/M/Ancient Civilizations of Mesomerica and the Andes (3)

ANTH 320  Archaeological Field School (3)

ANTH 360  Myths and Folktales of Native Americans (3)

ENGL 329  American Visions (with NA subtitle) (4)

ENGL 336  Native American Literature (4)

ENGL 439  American Ways (with NA subtitle) (4)

ENGL 458  Major Authors: (with NA authors) (4)

HIST 261  M/U/Native American History (4)

HIST 465  M/History of the Iroquois: From Pre-Contact to Present (4)

 Appropriate Internships and Directed Studies may be applied to elective credit requirements with approval of the Minor coordinator (AMST 395, ANTH 399, ENGL 399, HIST 496).