‘Dancing Toward 50’ Concert to Feature Variety of Student Works Dec. 7-10

Student choreographers for the "Dancing Toward 50" concert Dec. 7-10.

Student choreographers for the “Dancing Toward 50” concert Dec. 7-10 include (l to r) Taylor Gerner, Mina Raj, Tiphereth Hassan, Emily Ellmann and Teresa Beckman.

GENESEO, N.Y. – SUNY Geneseo's Dance Ensemble will feature works by student choreographers during its "49.5 Live: Dancing Towards 50" performance Dec. 7-10 in the Alice Austin Theatre. The Thursday through Saturday performances begin at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday matinee begins at 2 o'clock. Tickets are $10 and available through the Student Association Ticket Office or online.

The production is artistically directed and produced by Jonette Lancos, professor of dance studies. The production's associate director is Mark Broomfield, assistant professor of dance studies. The dances to be performed are choreographed by students of the College's Dance Studies Program.

Teresa Beckman will present her modern work “The Overcoming,” based on her personal struggle with anxiety. “Harmony of Self,” a contemporary piece choreographed by Emily Ellmann, aims to expose mental instability. Taylor Gerner choreographed a piece that explores the practice of yoga and finding inner strength titled “Realization.” Mina Raj choreographed “For They Existed,” an intense modern work recounting the seven stages of grief. Tiphereth Hassan choreographed a piece titled “Out of Hiding” that is inspired by each dancer’s personal struggles.

“Heaven’s Above” will be performed by the dance composition class. Nicole Acierno, Katherine Bensburg, Jennifer Conflitti, Katherine Estep, Sydney Klein, Jessica Looks, Jessica Sidoti, Abbie Guisbond, Leah Russo, Kaylan Ruiz, and Samantha Schmeer will present final projects by using the elements and principles of design. This is inspired by selected photographs of the universe by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The classical ballet repertoire class will be performing “La Bayadère Act II Variations,” original choreography by Marius Petipa and music by Léon Minkus.  

Assisting Lancos with the production are student assistants Teresa Beckman, Emily Ellmann and Taylor Gerner. Lila Klatz, Nikko Garmendiz, and Anastasia Dennehy are the stage managers of the concert. Student lighting designers were mentored by theatre faculty member and technical director Johnnie Ferrell. Theater faculty member Bonita Stubblefield mentored student costume designers.

 “Dancing Towards Fifty” is supported by generous donations through The Geneseo Foundation.

 News release written by College Communications and Marketing intern Kitrick McCoy ’19.


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