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Driving Change for Good

Kwame Taylor-Hayford '04Spring 2021 Issue Global marketing expert Kwame Taylor-Hayford ’04 helps clients build their brands, champion activism, and shift perspectives on social injustice.  By Kris Dreessen For more than a decade, Kwame Taylor-Hayford ’04 has helped global companies like Apple and Uniqlo develop their brands and positions in the marketplace — helping them develop their visual […]

A New Style of Education Brin…

Nami Nishimura '21 with a globe and stars reflected in it.International student Nami Nishimura ’21 found her place among friends and in astronomy research. By Kris Dreessen Nami Nishimura ’21 worked in a Toyota factory for more than a year in Aichi, Japan, to earn money to study at Geneseo. She wanted to learn about and be a part of American culture, and she appreciated […]

Rising Temps at the Bottom of…

Dana Veron checks equipment in a parka in AntarcticaResearch in Antarctica by climate scientist Dana Veron ’95 has implications for people around the globe. By Robyn Rime One of the hottest spots for studying climate change right now is also one of the coldest.  The vast ice sheet of Antarctica — the largest single mass of ice on the planet — is melting […]

How to: Steeped in Tradition

Sara Shacket pours cold-brewed teaTea sommelier Sara Silbiger Shacket ’98 shares the joy and how to make perfect cold brew.  By Mat Johnson “I started drinking tea really young,” says Sara Silbiger-Shacket ’98. Some of Shacket’s earliest memories are of visiting her Eastern European grandparents, drinking tea around the table as a family. Her grandmother would drink tea with […]

A World of Mentors for Genese…

Tashi Sherpa '21 Gifts making a difference A two-year program builds women’s leadership skills through scholarships, internships and seminars with global leaders.  By Carol Marcy Since 2014, the SUNY Global Affairs Leadership program, established by Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women (JFEW), has awarded nearly $1.2 milllion in scholarships and stipends to 50 female scholars at Geneseo. […]

Geneseo Is a Peace Corps Powe…

Map showing the countries where alumni have served in the world.The College is ranked No. 8 nationally for the number of alumni who volunteer in communities across the world. By Kris Dreessen In Kuli Kunda, The Gambia, families tend to their gardens with hand tools, and donkeys pull the plows. Everyone in the village knows each other.  Peace Corps volunteer Declan Dwyer-McNulty ’17 served as […]

Old Songs, New Life

Kara Burke '21 listens to a classic song made popular again via Tik Tok.Full Circle: Music apps and social media spur students to discover hits from decades past.  By Mary-Margaret Dwyer ’20 Last fall, Nathan Apocada’s truck broke down on his way to work. So instead, he rode his longboard down the Idaho freeway and posted a 15-second video to TikTok of himself cruising, sipping Ocean Spray cranberry […]

An American Goalie in Paris

Devin McDonald ’19 appreciated playing pro and finding his place in a European culture. By Brett Ford Of all the student-athletes in colleges around the nation, very few earn the opportunity to go pro. Former NCAA Division III Player of the Year and Geneseo men’s ice hockey goalie Devin McDonald ’19 was one of several […]

Cultures at Home: A Photo Gal…

Members of the African Student Association at a fashion show.Click here to view the photo gallery. 

The Negative Effects of Stere…

Whistling Vivaldi cover  Subtle or direct, what society assumes about us changes our actions (for the worse).  By Kris Dreessen Suppose an aspiring female chemist enters a high school competition, and before her presentation, she notes that most of the other participants are male. She remembers hearing at some point that “girls” aren’t supposed to be good […]

Stay Connected: Spring 2021

Pink blossoms on trees by South Hall.Stay Connected … Online or in person, Geneseo has many opportunities for alumni to connect and network with each other as well as students, and learn. Stay up-to-date on the latest alumni programs and opportunities, bookmark the alumni homepage and like @SUNYGeneseoAlumni on Facebook. Lifelong Learning: Discover opportunities to continue learning after you leave campus. […]

Cultivating the Ideas of Glob…

Geneseo Dance Ensemble members hold balls above their head in a piece.    Geneseo strives to educate globally aware citizens and foster a sense of civic responsibility here and abroad. By Denise A.  Battles The phrase “It takes a village …” comes from a now well-known African proverb, but its meaning has morphed into an acknowledgment of the collective responsibility we all share for addressing humanity’s […]


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