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Video: A Little Zen — A Tutor…

Scientific American has published several articles examining neuroscience and clinical research that shows mindfulness and meditation practice actually change practitioners’ brains — how they respond to stimuli and stress, how they adapt and how they focus. There is also evidence that meditation alleviates pain, anxiety and depression. “There is a natural slowing down when you are not trying to do 20 things […]

Video: The Simple Life, Unplu…

At Geneseo, Nik Varrone is the support services manager for IT. At home, he and his wife, Anya, run a farm and plows the land using a method that was most popular in the 1700s. The Varrones use horse plowing and have created a lifestyle that fits their beliefs, goals and is more sustainable. “If […]

Video: A Home Away From Home

If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, Terry Price ’58 is probably at the Home Away From Respite program, which provides companionship and programming for seniors with memory-related illnesses and free time for their caregivers. Students like Raina Schoen Thomas ’20, he says, have become friends and help him with his memories.  

Generational Divide in the Wo…

Why there’s conflict between millennials, bosses and older workers. By Robyn Rime Millennials, say the pundits, are entitled brats. They are spoiled and overconfident. As employees, they expect rapid promotions and flagrant personal accommodations. Conventional wisdom and professional literature both predict that Millennials — those born between 1981 and 1996 — would be a nightmare to work with, […]

Preparing Yourself for a Chal…

Ice Knights Captain Conlan Keenan ’20 on how to get your mind in the game. By Brett Ford Conlan Keenan ’20, a three-year captain of the Geneseo men’s ice hockey team, has played in over 100 games in his college career, leading the Knights to back-to-back State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) Championships and NCAA Tournament appearances, including a trip to the NCAA Frozen Four […]

The Global Fight in Human Tra…

Chad Salitan ’09 shares how an international report is tracking and affecting change in in the worldwide problem. By Melissa Pheterson At any time, an estimated 24.9 million people are victims of human trafficking globally, forced physically or psychologically into working for little or no money for the benefit of someone else — in industries from fishing to hospitality, traveling sales crews and prostitution. […]

Stream and Chill

Grab the slippers and junk food. TV nights are still a favorite way for students to spend time together. By Mary-Margaret Dwyer ’20 Christina Schuppert ’21 was in kindergarten in 2005 when Meredith Grey and “McDreamy” first debuted on ABC’s award-winning “Grey’s Anatomy.” Fourteen years, 16 seasons and 345 episodes of medical drama later, the show is still popular, even with a […]

A New Focus

Jeff Fasano ’80 chose passion over an uninspiring career. He was rewarded with his dream job, photographing musicians and actors. By Kris Dreessen For 18 years, Jeff Fasano ’80 worked a corporate job organizing container ships carrying goods for import and export. Ultimately, it was disappointing to spend his days in New York City, poring over operations in […]

Right, Wrong and in Between

The gray areas of ethics underline the complexity of applying it to real life. By Robyn Rime The first thing David Levy ’94, associate professor and chair of Geneseo’s philosophy department, wants you to know is that people face ethical issues every day. “I can’t think of a domain in the real world in which there’s no space for ethical concern whatsoever,” […]

Your Guide to a Little Zen — …

Pausing a few minutes inspires mindfulness and boosts your everyday well-being. By Kris Dreessen Deadlines. Errands. There are a million tasks to do each day. But by taking a few minutes to sit, breathe and immerse ourselves in the present, we can boost our focus, reset our distracted minds and bring some much-welcome calm. “There is a natural […]

Video: A Forest Sanctuary

Geneseo’s Director of Sustainability Dan DeZarn and Kimberly Keil-DeZarn ’06 show us around their home, which they’ve built to have many sustainability related features. It’s even built from mostly recycled and reclaimed materials.

A Gift to Support Generations…

Frank Csapo came to America to pursue his own dreams. He has since helped more than 160 students pursue theirs, too. By Carol Marcy When Frank Csapo was 20 years old, he arrived in Montreal, Canada, from Europe wearing a label on his lapel with his sponsor’s address because he didn’t know English. He had left his homeland in Hungary to flee post-revolution […]