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SUNY Geneseo Alumni Association Announces New Officers and Board Members

New SGAA officers (left to right): president Heather Maldonado ’95; vice president Doug Dickman ’89; secretary Marissa Lewis ’10.

The SUNY Geneseo Alumni Association (SGAA) has announced a new slate of officers and board members who begin their terms on July 1. They will represent more than 63,000 Geneseo alumni from every state in the U.S. and 44 countries around the globe.

“I am very pleased to recognize and welcome these dedicated alumni to the SGAA Board of Directors,” said Michelle Walton Worden ’92, interim director of alumni relations. “Their unique perspectives, fresh ideas, and steadfast commitment to Geneseo are key as we begin to lay the foundation for a new era in alumni engagement at Geneseo.”

The following officers will serve a three-year term on the executive committee:

Heather Maldonado ’95, president

Doug Dickman ’89, vice president

Marissa Lewis ’10, secretary 

New board members beginning three-year terms include: 

Ben Conard ’16

Kate DeForest ’93

Sandra Kupprat ’90

Rachel Laber-Pulvino ’10

In addition, Anne Tillinghast ’96 has been named as Geneseo Foundation Board representative and joins 22 members of the SGAA.

The SGAA recognizes Denise Reed Lamoreaux ’84, P’11 for her leadership as SGAA board president since July 2017 and expresses sincere appreciation for her commitment and steadfast guidance during the association’s formative years. She will remain for a one-year term as immediate past president. 

The SGAA also extends its sincere appreciation to John Etu ’12, Clare Cusack ’96, and Melanie Cerra ’14 for their service. 

The SGAA is the official alumni association of SUNY Geneseo, serving past, present, and future alumni. The association connects current and future alumni with the College through powerful experiences and meaningful communication while enhancing the College's growth and development through alumni support.


Carol Marcy
Senior Advancement Writer