Tom Matthews Retirement Celebration Among Reunion Events June 1-2

Tom and Betsy Matthews

Tom Matthews and his wife, Betsy, will a major focus of attention during Reunion June 1-2. Tom, associate dean of leadership and service, is retiring from Geneseo after 51 years with the College.

Alumni and friends will be returning to campus June 1-2 for Reunion 2018. The annual event will highlight class years ending in three and eight, affinity anniversaries, and a celebration of the 51-year career of Tom Matthews, associate dean of leadership and service.

“Enthusiasm is building for this year’s reunion, which is packed with activities for alumni of all ages,” said  Ronna Gillam, director of alumni relations. “We know many are attending reunion to honor the beloved Tom Matthews as we celebrate his amazing 51 years at Geneseo. He has touched the lives of most all of our alumni in one way or another and the celebration of his career will be truly special.”

See more via the full schedule of events or call the alumni relations office at (585) 245-5506.