Reunion 2024

Reunion 2024 | June 7 & 8, 2024

Class years ending in 4 and 9 will celebrate milestone reunions:

  • All class years 1973 and back (50-Year Club)
  • 1974 (50th Class Reunion)
  • 1979 (45th) | 1984 (40th) | 1989 (35th) | 1994 (30th) | 1999 (25th)
  • 2004 (20th) | 2009 (15th) | 2014 (10th)
  • 2019 (5th)

Affinity Reunions planned for Reunion 2024:

  • Arethusa Sorority 130th [est.1894]
  • Phi Lamb Sorority 60th [est. 1964]
  • Sigma Kappa Sorority 35th [est.1989]
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 35th [est.1989]
  • Greeks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s Friday Gathering
  • Uncle Waldo's (1978-1983) Gathering

Become a Reunion Volunteer for 2024

Make your class reunion the best one yet: become a Reunion volunteer! It's fun, rewarding, vital to the Reunion program, and can be done from home (regardless of where you live).

If you are part of a 2024 reunion class, or a group/chapter that plans to celebrate a milestone in 2024 and you want to volunteer, please complete this form by 10/1/23 for affinity reunions and 12/31/23 for class reunions. The link explains how volunteers can help drive attendance and provides space for you to sign-up. You will be contacted by someone in the Alumni Office.

Contact Tracy Young Gagnier '93, assistant director of alumni relations, if you have any additional questions about SUNY Geneseo's Reunion programming or planning an affinity reunion.

50-Year Club and 50th Class Reunion volunteers should contact Michelle Walton Worden '92 directly.

At SUNY Geneseo, we celebrate Reunion weekend the first "full" weekend in June (when both Friday and Saturday dates fall in the month of June).