Aluminum Activation

Neutron activation of aluminum may occur by several neutron capture reactions. Four such reactions are described here: 27Al + n = 28Al, 27Al(n,a )24Na, 27Al(n,2n)26Al and 27Al(n,p)27Mg. The radioactive nuclei 28Al, 24Na,  and 27Mg, which are produced via the 27Al + n = 28Al, 27Al(n,a )24Na and 27Al(n,p)27Mg neutron reactions, beta decay to excited states of 28Si, 24Mg and 27Al respectively. These excited states then emit gamma rays as the nuclei de-excite to their respective ground states.

Neutron energies Ethermal ~.025 eV Eslow ~ 1 keV Efast ~ 100keV-10 MeV