Be a Good Neighbor

How to be a Good Neighbor

View the Good Neighbor Brochure here!

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors soon after moving in for the semester. Knock on the doors of the houses or apartments on either side of Street signs of main street and court streetyou and have a simple face-to-face interaction. You will be surprised at how this simple visit will help make your year a success.
  • Keep your property clean. Ensuring the outside appearance of your house or apartment is clean will show care and respect for where you live and for those around you. 
  • Ensure that your lawn is mowed, your leaves are raked, and your snow is shoveled. Ask your landlord how and when these tasks are performed, and if they will be covered in your lease. 
  • Take your trash out on the appropriate day, and bring the empty bins in as soon as possible. Pick up any litter that may end up on your property as well. 
  • Park legally in town and on your property. Pay close attention to street signs in the village regarding parking on the street. Some streets do not allow parking at all, and no vehicles may be parked in village streets between 2am and 7am. Do not block driveways or park on any lawns. 
  • Be aware of your speed. Geneseo has many pedestrians. The maximum speed limit on any village street is 30 MPH, and 15 MPH on campus. 
  • Noise is one of the most common complaints from neighbors. Be considerate of your volume when walking in town, visiting friends, or hosting guests, especially at night. Turn down loud music and keep people indoors at night beyond reasonable hours. Village law prohibits any unreasonably loud, disturbing, or unnecessary noise to be heard beyond your property line between the hours of 11pm and 7am. If noise coming from a property is construed as detrimental to the health of any person or contrary to public welfare, a violator can be arrested and prosecuted.
  • Inform your neighbors if you are planning on having guests over, especially if it is going to be a large number of people. Your neighbors will appreciate knowing when your gathering is expected to begin and end, and having your phone number to call in case there is a problem. (This way, they can contact you to fix the problem BEFORE going to the police). 
  • Be responsible for your guests. Don't let your friends litter on yours or your neighbors' property, or loiter outdoors near where others live. 
  • Do not carry or transport any open, resealed or partly empty alcoholic beverage containers in public areas. This includes sidewalks, streets, etc. --any property that is not your own. 
  • If you have a dog, ensure that it is not a noise disruption and that it does not run at large within the Village of Geneseo without full control of the owner. 
  • Do something neighborly. Bake cookies, walk some children across the street, offer to rake leaves or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor, or just do someone a favor. Members of the Village of Geneseo, whether they are students or full-time residents, will appreciate the nice gesture. 

Utilize the resources and services in the Department of Off-Campus Living if there are any problems. The Department exists to help make your time as a student living off-campus successful.