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Sublet Listings

List a Sublet Form: The purpose of this form is to allow students in search of subletters for any open rooms in their apartment or house to post their listing information on one consolidated page. This GoogleDoc form accessible to all SUNY Geneseo students. If you are in a position where you are looking to fill space in your off campus home or apartment, please follow this link in order to post your listing so that prospective tenants can access it. Please make the information you provide on your available space as detailed as possible. 

Find a Sublet to Rent: This form can be utilized for students in search of off campus living options. Listings in this form have all been posted by fellow students who are looking to fill open space in their apartment or home. Each listing provides the semester and year the tenant would be subletting, location of the available space, costs, as well as the contact information for the individual in search of a subletter for the property. Because the listings do not come from Landlords or Rental Agents, students are urged to contact the official landlord or property owner of the listing in order to ensure accurate information regarding costs and inclusion of electric and utilities. View student listings by following this link.