Performance as Social Change Microcredential

This is an academic microcredential for students interested in understanding the critical role arts-based performances play in facilitating and advancing social change through interdisciplinary coursework. The microcredential includes the creation of a Capstone experimental performance. Students will design their learning experiences around the concept of social change through performance.

The microcredential is designed with an expressed commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice. Students gain active mentorship by faculty of color and guest artists through curricular and co-curricular activities and self-reflection upon them. Students will exit the microcredential program with a broad array of transferable skills and competencies related to social change, leadership, multiculturalism, civic engagement, research, communication and performance.

The Capstone (PASC 341) will result in the creation of an experimental performance that brings together in a critical way the social change themes and concepts identified and developed through the gateway course and the elective coursework. A performance is presented on campus each spring semester.

An ePortfolio assignment will enable the students in the Microcredential to record and reflect on the intellectual, personal, social and civic development that occurs throughout participation in the Microcredential.

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Integrative Curricular Microcredential in Performance as Social Change